Invenio Procedure Solutions

Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, Invenio is a global manufacturer of healthcare products, offering an industry-leading portfolio of high-quality, cost-effective consumable medical products and unparalleled support services. Invenio drapes and gowns provide optimal balance between quality and cost in this critical component category.

Surgical Gowns:

Invenio’s ComfortGuardTM Surgical Gowns provide all the protection needed, paired with comfort and fit that hours of surgery demands. For every clinician and for each procedure performed, Invenio ComfortGuardTM Surgical Gowns deliver superior performance at maximum value throughout our product line.


Protection- Excellent barrier and strength properties help protect clinicians from bodily fluids. Low flammability and low lint help eliminate one source of post-operative patient complications.

Comfort- Excellent breathability created by advanced fabric technologies and innovative design, utilizing a lightweight, highly breathable cool-back panel to maximize comfort. Soft fabrics feel comfortable and stay quiet.

Fit- Generous cuts with raglan and set-in sleeves and pleats on the back provide increased range of motion. Added gown length improves lower-body protection. Extra long Velcro creates a more customized fit around the neckline. Extra soft, extended cuffs enhance comfort.

Sustainability- Innovative cool-back feature provides the comfort you demand, while helping reduce fossil fuels and carbon footprint by up to 20%. While your doctors take care of their patients, we are doing our part to ensure efficient and responsible manufacturing processes.


Breathable Protection: Triple-density materials transfer heat out of the garment while keeping fluids from getting in.

Fiber-Perfect Softness: Superior flex, strength, and fine fibers create a unique soft construction for unrivaled comfort.

Protective Length: Full coverage with low movement drag and maximum comfort.

Cool Back Panel: Unique design combination of protection and ventilation.

Rear Pleats: Intuitive pleat placement enhances gown fit and range of motion.

Generous Velcro: Secure Velcro aids donning, enhances fit, and maximizes comfort.

Surgical-Fit Cuffs: Extended length and unique construction ensure a better fit and softer feel.

Full-Range Sleeves: Raglan or Set-In design gives full range of motion in any position.

Surgical Drapes

Invenio’s SteriGuardTM Surgical Drapes are a breakthrough in design, delivering optimal protection and performance for creating and maintaining a sterile field in surgery. No matter the procedure type, SteriGuardTM combines superior barrier definition, absorption, and strength, to ensure that

placement is easy and that drapes remain in place during surgery.

Invenio’s SteriGuardTM Surgical Drapes set a new mark for the best in strength, protection, absorbency, and ease of use. Combining advanced fabric technologies with strategic, intuitive design in surgical drapes is helping SteriGuardTM redefine the meaning of quality in the market. Making the drapes cost-effective is taking it even farther.


Advanced SMS Protects Patients From Infection:

AAMI Level 4 protection in the critical zones provides excellent barrier protection from fluid strikethrough and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

Low Lint Technology:

Each drape utilizes a low-linting, three-layer polypropylene non-woven fabric to minimize lint

particle generation, which can contribute to bacterial transmission or foreign body contamination.

2” Tape:

SteriGuardTM utilizes 2” medical tape for improved drape placement and drape security.

Strong and Durable SMS:

Invenio surgical fabric is constructed with three layers of SMS, making it highly resistant to tears and abrasion.

Precision Adhesive:

Invenio’s EdgeGuard technology allows medical-grade adhesion to be applied to the very edge of the fenestration, ensuring precise placement, security of the surgical drape, and fluid management.

Advanced Fluid Management:

Invenio’s HydraGuardTM reinforcement fabric provides high fluid absorbency around the fenestration to promote fluid management. Invenio surgical drape pouch and pocket designs allow for advanced fluid management and efficient clean up.

Low Flammability:

State-of-the-art fabric technology provides superior resistance to flame protection that can be caused by the use of high-energy medical devices during surgery.