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DrySee: Protection You Can See

Experience advanced wound care with DrySee’s innovative waterproof bandages. Developed and manufactured in the USA, these bandages are designed with a unique color-changing feature to provide visible assurance of protection. Each bandage contains a nonwoven gauze made from 100% USP Cotton, ensuring a chlorine-free, gentle touch against your skin. The patented design forms a watertight seal around the wound; if water seeps through, the central pad shifts from white to blue, indicating the need for a change.

DrySee bandages are available in various sizes to cater to different wound dimensions, enhancing your confidence in the healing process. Whether recovering from surgery or managing minor injuries, DrySee’s bandages support stress-free recovery by enabling you to monitor moisture exposure actively. Essential for everyday use and critical during natural disasters, DrySee provides reliable, visible protection, ensuring a safer and faster healing period. Embrace life’s adventures with peace of mind, knowing that DrySee has you covered.



Made in the USA, Elora Power provides reliable, high-quality power solutions.
Elora Power is a trusted US manufacturer of high-quality power solutions.
The power solutions are built to last and perform well due to their commitment to excellence. The cloud-based Power Management System from Elora Power complements the excellent product lineup. This innovative system streamlines fleet monitoring and provides customized reporting. Elora Power simplifies power management for optimal performance and longevity. They stand out with their proprietary designs and domestic manufacturing. They aim to create power solutions that are accurate, easy to use, and reliable. Elora Power has the right power solution for industrial, commercial, or personal use.
Elora Power delivers reliable, high-performance power solutions that exceed expectations.

Medical Equipment Louisville KY

IV Glove

IV Glove 2.0, the next-generation intravenous therapy glove. This innovative single-use peripheral IV securement system will revolutionize care. Unlike adhesive dressings or immobilizers, the IV Glove uses non-adhesive, anti-microbial silicone to secure the catheter and reveal the insertion site.

The IV Glove 2.0 addresses IV therapy pain points to deliver the future of intravenous securement. Its factual, simple, and fluent design makes it easy for doctors and patients to use. Healthcare providers can save time and money while providing excellent patient care with the IV Glove. 

therma_zone hot cold therapy device


ThermaZone is a compact and effective pain management device that delivers targeted, localized hot and cold therapy without the use of ice by utilizing thermoelectric technology. The cost-effective, lightweight, and portable device is ideal for professionals and individuals who require consistent temperature management for pain relief, both in the clinic and at home. ThermaZone addresses a distinct and unfulfilled clinical requirement for non-opioid therapy through its durable yet disposable interchangeable thermal therapy pads. In order to augment the ThermaZone experience, the company provides supplementary accessories and customer service during standard business operations.

Critical Care Marketing is your partner in finding the right medical equipment and supplies such as:

  • USA Made PPE
  • USA Made Nitric Gloves
  • Heat & Cooling Therapy
  • IV Site Protection
  • Pain Treatment Kits
  • Custom Procedure Packs
  • Powered & Non-Powered WOW’s
  • Performance Casting® Fiberglass Cast Tape

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