wall mounted workstation

Proximity Systems

Introducing Proximity Systems, a premier provider of customized and durable workstations and furnishings tailored specifically for the medical industry. Healthcare practitioners rely on Proximity Systems' solutions to enhance efficiency and patient care in various healthcare settings. Proximity Systems specializes in crafting compact workstations designed to protect IT equipment essential for healthcare professionals, including PCs, screens, and scanners. Their solutions are renowned for their easy installation and maintenance, featuring curved edges that prevent laminate chipping and simplify cleaning. Architects and interior designers in the medical field benefit from Proximity Systems' wide range of finishes and designs, allowing seamless integration of workstations into existing healthcare d├ęcor without compromising on durability. Space-saving storage solutions and elegant designs with curved edges and smooth lines enhance both functionality and aesthetics in medical environments. Proximity Systems' strategically positioned wall-mounted workstations enable healthcare workers to access crucial data efficiently in patient rooms, emergency rooms, and critical care units. In-room cupboards and workstations streamline workflows, allowing healthcare staff to focus on patient care. With features such as retractable doors, lockable chambers, and swivel arms for height and angle adjustment, Proximity Systems' healthcare-specific solutions prioritize efficiency, security, and comfort in medical facilities.