IV glove adult

IV Glove

Introducing the innovative IV Glove, a non-adhesive solution that sets a new standard for intravenous therapy. Featuring a unique S-Clip mechanism and a translucent shield for easy visualization of the IV site, this FDA-registered glove offers anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties in line with infection control guidelines. With a focus on enhancing patient comfort and clinical efficiency, the IV Glove boasts key characteristics such as reducing IV restarts and increasing dwell periods, while causing less skin damage compared to sticky dressings. Its adjustable design accommodates patients of all sizes and mobility levels, making it suitable for seniors and children alike. Healthcare providers can leverage the IV Glove's ROI calculator to estimate potential savings, making it an ideal choice for facilities looking to streamline intravenous treatment and improve patient satisfaction. Experience the future of IV securement with the IV Glove.