The Incredible Benefits of IV Glove

In the world of medicine and healthcare, innovative technologies continue to revolutionize patient care. One such groundbreaking invention is the IV Glove, a device that has been gaining attention for its incredible benefits. In this blog post, we will explore some of the advantages that the IV Glove brings to the table. First and foremost, […]

Thermazone: Targeted, Non-Opioid Therapy in a Compact Package

In recent years, the opioid crisis has become a pressing issue worldwide. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain and rely on opioids for relief, but the risks associated with these medications are undeniable. Living with chronic pain can be debilitating, but finding a safe and effective solution can often feel like an impossible task. […]

ELORA Power Systems Save Time and Money

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, nurses play a critical role in ensuring patient well-being. However, their valuable time is often consumed by seemingly trivial tasks that detract from providing quality care. That’s where Elora Power Systems step in, revolutionizing nursing workflows and significantly reducing patient calls to the nurse’s desk. Let’s explore how this innovative […]

ThermaZone: VA Approved for Natural Pain Management

Until recently, pain management for both acute and chronic conditions has often involved prescription medications such as opiods. Where opiods can alleviate pain, they come with a host of side affects, some of which can be potentially dangerous. As doctors and patients have begun to gravitate toward other methods of treating pain, the medical supply […]


Critical Care Marketing is pleased to announce our partnership with ELORA International, a company founded on the principles of bringing value and innovation to healthcare providers while improving patient care. With over 50 years of healthcare technology experience, ELORA boasts a proven track record of performance in the ever-evolving Electronic Health Records/Mobile Medical Cart markets. […]


Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can lead to lost productivity, a decrease in quality of life, and dependency on medication. While traditional pain management methods such as medication and physical therapy can be effective, they often have limitations and side effects. The ThermaZone Thermal Therapy System offers […]


From minor abrasions to major traumas, the emergency room can see the gamut of bumps, bruises, and breaks. Whether it’s a sprain from ball game or a broken arm from an accident, being able to treat and set these injuries quickly is a primary concern for medical professionals. Being able to treat these injuries in […]

CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape

CNF Medical has been helping the industry develop unique and innovative medical products for decades and is proud to manufacture its wide range of splinting and casting products in its Wintston-Salem, NC facility. One of their superior products that we will be discussing today is the CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape. CNF Medical Fiberglass Cast Tape […]

Austin Medical

Austin Medical Inc is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of Imaging and Painprocedure trays. Fast, reliable and service oriented, Austin Medical strives for completecustomer satisfaction with our complete line of standard trays for imaging procedures and painprocedures. While our standard line of trays are designed to meet all of your needs, sometimesyou need more […]

Invenio Procedure Solutions

Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, Invenio is a global manufacturer of healthcare products, offering an industry-leading portfolio of high-quality, cost-effective consumable medical products and unparalleled support services. Invenio drapes and gowns provide optimal balance between quality and cost in this critical component category. Surgical Gowns: Invenio’s ComfortGuardTM Surgical Gowns provide all the protection needed, paired with […]