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Let us introduce you to ELORA Power. If you have been in any hospital, you undoubtedly have seen the Nursed wheeling carts around with computer monitors and a laptop on them. You cannot watch a medical show on tv without seeing them. Well, these carts have a very expensive battery that needs to be plugged in daily and sit there for 8 hours while it is charging. So, you have a $4,000 – $6,000 investment sitting idle for half of the day. No longer, with ELORA Power you never have to plug in again. Battery getting low, just do a fast swap and keep going. What is great is the ELORA Power system will fit on any work cart manufactured today. Plus, we can every easily and economically convert non-powered to fully powered carts. The over all annual savings ELORA presents to a hospital is very, very significant. It is very difficult for most hospitals to savings of this significance, but we make it easy with an asset that has always cost a lot of money annually.

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