ELORA Power Systems Save Time and Money

In the fast-paced healthcare industry, nurses play a critical role in ensuring patient well-being. However, their valuable time is often consumed by seemingly trivial tasks that detract from providing quality care. That’s where Elora Power Systems step in, revolutionizing nursing workflows and significantly reducing patient calls to the nurse’s desk. Let’s explore how this innovative solution saves time, saves money, and enhances overall patient care.

Weighing four pounds, this lightweight, impact resistant, ergonomic and stylishly designed battery charges in approximately four hours, requires virtually no maintenance, and most importantly, saves nurses time with fewer patient calls to the desk. ELORA batteries are 20% lighter and support an easy battery “swap” process. Nurses can exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged battery whenever it’s convenient for them, the worry of having to remember to plug in the cart for fear of a dead battery at a critical moments is no longer an issue. Another great feature is that the ELORA Batteries do not need power cords! This freedom allows nurses to be more mobile, adding flexibility to their daily workflow.

Features of the ELORA Power System:

    • True Hot Swap technology offers 24/7 up-time allowing greater focus on patient care

    • No more searching for a power outlet – battery swaps take 10 seconds or less

    • Seamlessly fits into any clinical workflow – multiple configurations are available

    • Ergonomic lightweight design eliminates bending – no more searching for outlets

    • On-screen battery meter keeps you informed – power status at a glance

In addition to streamlining nurse workflow, ELORA helps organizations maximize the impact of ever shrinking budgets by rejuvenating existing cart assets and expanding their life span to achieve maximum ROI. ELORA can reduce new cart expenditures with its ability to add power onto existing non-powered carts. When new workstation on wheels must be purchased, ELORA can reduce the amount of equipment purchased by up to 33% over traditional fixed power carts.

The Cost Savings Benefit of ELORA:

    • Nearly 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership vs. base powered carts

    • Over 30% lower initial equipment investment by eliminating the need for extra carts and       equipment to compensate for carts out of service while charging

    • 100% cart availability means all carts are accessible and not cluttering hallways while charging

    • Fleet management software enables pro-active budgeting for battery replenishment

    • Modular design and advanced parts replacement program ensures near zero down-time

    • Reclaim/re-purpose valuable floor space previously used to charge carts

Elora offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for nurses’ unique needs helping them to focus on delivering quality care, while making a positive impact on patient outcomes. For more information, contact us today!