ThermaZone: VA Approved for Natural Pain Management


Until recently, pain management for both acute and chronic conditions has often involved prescription medications such as opiods. Where opiods can alleviate pain, they come with a host of side affects, some of which can be potentially dangerous. As doctors and patients have begun to gravitate toward other methods of treating pain, the medical supply industry is exploring new ways of improving patient care while incorporating methods that do not require opiods. Innovative Medical Equipment, (IME), has created ThermaZone, an innovative thermoelectric device to does just that.

ThermaZone is a powerful and compact pain management device that provides hot and cold therapy where and when you need it, without the use of ice. ThermaZone is powered by thermoelectric technology that uses two ounces of distilled water to either cool the device to 38 degrees or warm it to 125 degrees. Because the product doesn’t use ice, it can run continuously at a precise and consistent temperature. Built-in timer modes and sleep timers allow the device to provide heating and cooling therapy for defined periods of time.

The ThermaZone Thermal Therapy System is ideal for virtually any profession that uses heating and cooling therapies. It is a lightweight, portable and affordable device that is perfect for in-clinic as well as at-home use. ThermaZone is used for many types of injuries and recovery; from post surgery rehab to migraine suppression and beyond. ThermaZone is also gaining notoriety as a safe alternative to opiods for Veterans with injuries. The VA is now recognizing the benefits of ThermaZone, and covers the cost of the unit where private insurance companies or Medicaid currently are not covering the cost of the unit. In fact, IME is a contracted vendor in the VA and has proudly served over 25K veteran patients with ThermaZone since 2015 in over 14 departments.

ThermaZones compact design is packed full of features and provides consistent, therapeutic temperature levels for any part of the body such as:

  • Ankle
  • Abdomen
  • Back (lower)
  • Eyes
  • Forehead
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Occipital Region (rear head)
  • Shoulder


  • Broad temperatures range from 34° to 125° F
  • 20 adjustable temperature levels
  • Operates on 2 ounces of distilled water
  • 5 preset timer options
  • Lightweight easy-to-carry built-in handle
  • Easy to use ON/OFF control panel with mode and temperature control buttons
  • Quick connect ports to easily attach pads
  • Adapter plug for medical grade AC/DC power supply and auto power cord

ThermaZone satisfies a clear unmet clinical need – targeted, localized, non-opioid therapy with consistent temperature management. For more information or for pricing, contact us today!