From minor abrasions to major traumas, the emergency room can see the gamut of bumps, bruises, and breaks. Whether it’s a sprain from ball game or a broken arm from an accident, being able to treat and set these injuries quickly is a primary concern for medical professionals. Being able to treat these injuries in a timely manner however, don’t always equal a comfortable fitting splint or cast. In fact, one of the major complaints from patients is how suffocating and irritating ER splints can be.

Active Armor, the leader in 3D printable casts has the perfect solution that meets the immediate needs of the ER while giving patients a comfortable option to treat their injuries until they can be fitted for a more permanent solution. The solution is the Insta-Armor splint, and it’s set to be a game changer, especially for the ER and Urgent Care. It is easy to apply in less than 1 minute! All you need to do is slide on, adjust the easy-ratchet locking straps, and go! In addition to its ease of application, it provides functional immobilization with less surface contact and more freedom for skin care and breath-ability. Unlike it’s traditional predecessors like fiberglass or off-the-shelf splints, Insta-Armor provides a hygienic solution that allows patients to wash their hands. It’s truly a win-win solution for patients and clinicians alike!

Benefits of Insta-Armor by Active Armor:

• Waterproof

• Hygienic

• Breathable

• Adjustable

• Comes pre-molded

• Re-formable

• Locks-on for patient compliance

• Brandable with your logo

• Covered by Insurance including Medicaid/Medicare

• Fits adults and children

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