CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape

cnf casts

CNF Medical has been helping the industry develop unique and innovative medical products for decades and is proud to manufacture its wide range of splinting and casting products in its Wintston-Salem, NC facility. One of their superior products that we will be discussing today is the CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape. CNF Medical Fiberglass Cast Tape is a synthetic fiberglass casting tape with a non-tacky resin. The combination of the performance fiberglass and the non-tacky resin ensures tremendous conformability, molding, and lamination. The material used in manufacturing is lightweight, which allows for patient mobility, and is extremely durable with tremendous strength due to the specially treated material. CNF Tape incorporates a patented “Aqua Core” technology which is designed to affect hydration and improves end lay down.

CNF Fiberglass casting tape is strong, durable, and easy to work with, making it a favorite among medical professionals. When applying fiberglass casting tape, timing is everything. You want the tape to stay wet long enough for you to form the cast, but not so long that it doesn’t set soon after you’re finished. CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape sets quickly so that it can bear weight within minutes after application. This ensures patients leave the facility with a fully functional, durable cast, and they won’t have to come back until the cast is ready to be removed. 

Another benefit of CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape is that it comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Patients typically have to wear casts for a period of weeks or even months while their injury heals, which is a long time to have to live with a boring white cast. To make that healing period just a little less boring, CNF Fiberglass Casting Tape comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns from brilliant solids and camo to custom designs such as the logo for your business. Patients, both children, and adults alike appreciate the opportunity to choose their favorite color or a fun pattern. Fiberglass cast tape from CNF Medical is available in 2”, 3” and 4” widths, accommodating various types of injury casting.

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