Swovo Disinfecting Wipes

disinfectant wipes

In today’s modern Covid focused world, hospitals and care facilities are moving away from traditional methods of environmental cleaning. pre-soaked, ready-to-use, and disposable wipes are increasingly used for the disinfection of near-patient surfaces to prevent the spread of microorganisms and infectious diseases. Swovo Disinfectant Wipes are intended for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of non-invasive medical devices and equipment in healthcare environments.

Swovo’s premium quality, thick, pliable wipe is made from homo-polymer spheres to allow maximum surface contact and flexibility to disinfect in all cracks, crevices, and corners of equipment. Quick kill times equals rapid room turnover. Even better, Swovo’s formula is created to be gentler on surfaces than competitors’ products, so you’ll have less wear and tear on surfaces with regular use.

It is effective against 12 microorganisms in 2 minutes, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and Tuberculosis. This wipe has been recognized as an effective disinfectant against hard-to-kill microorganisms for 20 years.

Typical issues that arise from using traditional methods (multiple-use towels, wrong dosage, or repeated dipping) can be avoided by using disposable wipes. Ready-to-use Swovo Disinfecting Wipes have been shown to lead to significantly higher compliance, a more rapid cleaning, and disinfection process as well as potential cost savings.


Swovo disinfectant wipes can be incorporated into a healthcare facilities’ overall environmental cleaning and pose many benefits in areas such as:

Medical Office: For quick and efficient cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as chairs and tables, computers, fixtures, and restrooms.

Patient Bed Area: Use a new wipe on the top and front of the bed’s headboard, footboard, side rails, and in between the rails, TV remote control, and the nurse call device and cord. They can also be used to wipe the bead frame as well as coated mattresses and coated pillows.

High-Touch Areas: These durable wipes can be used on all high-touch areas inpatient rooms i.e. desktops, keyboards, bedside tabletop and drawers, phone and cradle, armchairs, door, and cabinet handles, light switches, and wardrobe handles

Bathrooms: Swovo Disinfectant Wipes make bathroom cleanup quick and easy. Use them to clean the sink and counter areas including all fixtures, support bars, shower fixtures, and toilet.

At $5 per container, Swovo Disinfecting Wipes pose a cost-effective way to keep your medical office or hospital setting clean and free from even the most dangerous of micro-organisms. To learn more, contact us today!