Long-term care facilities provide medical and personal care services to patients who are unable to manage themselves independently. In the U.S., nearly four million individuals are annually admitted to or reside in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, while nearly one million individuals reside in assisted living facilities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With so many individuals living in close quarters, it’s no surprise that 1 to 3 million serious infections occur every year in these facilities, which can include but are not limited to COVID-19, Influenza, and antibiotic-resistant staph infections to name a few.

Halosil raises the standard for whole room disinfection in long-term care with its Halo Disinfection System. The system is proven to achieve a 6-log kill rate, delivering the highest possible effectiveness on the market today. The HaloFogger ensures the uniform delivery of a proprietary spore and bacteria-killing HaloMist disinfectant throughout every room, even in crevices and other areas beyond the reach of sprays, wipes and UV lights. This dry mist fogging system reduces costs through increased efficiency. Pairing its industry-leading effectiveness with low operating costs and intuitive operator controls, the HaloFogger provides a value that is unmatched by other chemical or UV-based whole room disinfection offerings. The HaloFogger’s sturdy construction and maintenance-free design provide years of repair-free service. This along with affordable startup costs and the solution’s reliability, deliver a substantial financial return on investment. Another feature of the system is that it is non-Corrosive & Bleach Free. The HaloMist formula decomposes into water and oxygen and is residue-free, requiring no rinsing or wiping.

Key Advantages of the Halo Disinfection System

  • Proprietary disinfecting formulas
  • Unscented, bleach and PAA free
  • Healthcare-grade, ready-to-use
  • Outperforms, more stable than bleach
  • Easy-to-use, reduces associated labor costs
  • Low costs of acquisition and operation
  • Registered bactericide, virucide, and fungicide
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy
  • Easy-to-dose using standard equipment
  • Significantly less corrosive than alternatives
  • Effective across a wide range of pH levels
  • Maintains superior microbiological control
  • 3 flexible fogging models for unique disinfection demands

With three adaptive HaloFogger models, the Halo Disinfection System is designed to disinfect every space in the long-term care environment—from resident rooms to common areas. Contact us today to learn more or to inquire about pricing at (859) 331-2020!