AseptiScope’s DiskCover System

Female holding stethiscope

The stethoscope is one of the most prominent symbols of the interaction between the physician and the patient. Best known as the clinician’s “third hand,” the tool is used during every physical examination as it can provide rapid diagnostic information. With the rise of viruses such as COVID-19, the thorough assessment of patients with a stethoscope is critical, as is the need to maintain a pathogen-free stethoscope surface.
Enter AseptiScope’s DiskCover System. Designed to allow healthcare providers to safely use their stethoscope, the device applies single-use aseptic stethoscope barriers in a touch-free fashion to the surface of the stethoscope diaphragm.
Historically, a clinician wipes the stethoscope diaphragm with alcohol, however that method is seldom employed and, even when it is, it fails to eliminate all the bacteria as some bacteria have built up resistance to alcohol and bacteria, in general, can tend to thrive in the crevices of the diaphragm. This repeated way of cleaning can also damage the stethoscope.
The DiskCover System offers touch-free dispensing of barrier that is a disposable, one time use cover. It is fast and easy to use. It provides a strong barrier to bacteria, is acoustically invisible, sensitive to skin, doesn’t leave a residue on the stethoscope. It is a valuable product for both chronic and acute patient healthcare providers including a large hospitals, private offices and assisted living facilities.

Benefits of the AseptiScope’s DiskCover System:

Ensures touch-free aseptic application
State-of-the-art sensor technology
Intuitive, requires no formal training
Easy to install
Uses three (3) C-cell batteries

Houses 420 single-use disk covers
Preserves aseptic environment through point-of-care
Quickly and easily replaced

Robust and effective stethoscope barrier
Acoustically invisible
Safe for patients and stethoscopes
Peel-off tab for easy removal

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