Activ Armor

Much like the days of rotary phones and floppy disks, the plaster and fiberglass casts for immobilizing injured or broken limbs may soon be over. With the introduction of 3D-printed, durable plastic casts by ActivArmor, many of the inconveniences of traditional casts could become history. Unlike traditional casts and braces which put limitations on active lifestyles, AcitvArmor’s custom-made, 3D printed exoskeletons are waterproof, hygienic and breathable to provide superior immobilization while still giving active individuals the ability to work and train during the recovery process.

Each cast or splint is custom-printed to fit a patient specifically, making it more effective while more livable. While wearing an ActivArmor cast, a patient can easily return to their normal life while recovering. Unlike traditional casts or splints, the affected limb isn’t rendered unusable for an extended period of time. Put plainly, you can swim and shower without wrapping your injured limb in a plastic bag. ActivArmor casts can get wet, muddy, and sweaty without it affecting a patient’s recovery.

Each cast is completely customized and designed according to a 3D body scan of the patient. Once custom fabricated for the patient, the products have LINE-X applied at ActivArmor’s manufacturing facility before being fitted by medical professionals. The LINE-X coating is optional, but highly recommended for many types of patients depending on lifestyle and individual recovery plans.

The many benefits of ActivArmor Include:

    • Made for athletes and active lifestyles: resistant to sweat, water, moisture

    • Waterproof & more hygienic: LINE-X coating allows users to bathe and shower

    • Less skin irritation: LINE-X passed ISO bio-compatibility testing for safety and comfort

    • Saves time and money: Reduced office visits and costs to damaged casts

    • Trusted by physicians: Prescribed by physicians across the country for acute injuries like breaks and sprains, and for chronic conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome

    • Used by Pro Athletes: Used by several amateur, professional athletes and performance athletes with active lifestyles

    • Insurance Approved: Cost the same as traditional casts and are covered by most insurances

ActivArmor truly is an innovative product that will change the face of injury recovery. To learn more about this innovative product, contact us today!