ActivArmor Applications

Activ Armor

Unexpected injuries and broken bones are debilitating and tend bring life and active lifestyles to a screeching halt, especially for athletes. ActivArmor empowers patients with the freedom to be able to maintain their active lifestyles while an injury or broken bone is healing. If you’re an athlete, this product will keep you in the game or practice. Athletes, from kids to pros, love the freedom and comfort of healing in an ActivArmor device. Its breathable, waterproof, hygienic design, allows for training and staying active, while they heal.

ActivArmor is a Colorado-based company specializing in custom-fit 3D casts and splints. It is a support device tailored to fit each patient’s unique body. The revolutionary 3D scanning technology allows custom-fit medical casts. Unlike traditional casting methods, it is fabricated with light-scanning and computer 3-D imaging. It uses a high-temperature plastic. In other words, this new technology ensures each patient receives a unique and precisely fit device. The healing options allow for specific mapping to the contours of the limb or injuries requiring stabilization and support. ActivArmor is the first and only custom-made waterproof splint available in the United States. Ultimately, this equips patients and physicians with faster, unique, healing-specific methods. ActivArmor is more beneficial than a traditional cast during times such as cold, Covid 19, and flu season. It allows for those wearing it to properly wash their hands and have good hygiene. ActivArmor great for athletes and children, but also for post-surgical patients allowing for wounds to be easily tended to or cleaned through openings in the device.

Benefits of an ActivArmor Cast:

    1. Waterproof Cast

    2. Breathable Cast Material

    3. Fixed or Removable Cast

    4. Light-weight

    5. Custom Fabricated with Multiple Colors

    6. Improved Hygiene of the involved body part

Additional benefits include:

    • Hygienic benefits include the ability to bathe and shower with it on

    • Reduced feelings of claustrophobia

    • Improved skin condition and comfort

    • Athletes get back in the game or to practice sooner with its flexible and protective design

    • Reduced office time and visits for re-casting and re-fitting due to soggy casts and pressure points.

    • Patients can have access to post-surgical incisions for wound dressing and follow-up care at home

    • ActivArmor is listed with the FDA and covered by most insurance plans

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