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Our company strives to establish a local, compassionate, and family-like relationship with our clients. Our friendly and experienced professionals are always available and willing to help. Your health and the health of your patients are our top priorities. Our experts are committed to assisting you in achieving that goal by providing the best products for your specific requirements.

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Performace PRINTS

Performance Casting® Prints Fiberglass Cast Tape


Performance PRINTS allows you to print your logo or desired design directly onto fiberglass casting tape. Using a unique printing process applied to knitted fiberglass substrates, Performance Casting PRINTS Fiberglass Cast Tape provides up to five times the strength of traditional polyester printed tapes.



The only power source for your MOBILE CART that you will ever want. With fifty years of experience in the field of battery and power systems engineering, you can rely on ELORA Power for all of your power-related needs.

Medical Equipment Louisville KY

IV Glove

The IV Glove is a single-use and disposable adhesive-free IV securing system. It uses an FDA-registered anti-bacterial anti-microbial silicone glove that easily attaches to the patient’s hand. It’s patented S-Clip mechanism secures the tube of the IV preventing movement.

therma_zone hot cold therapy device


The ThermaZone Thermal Therapy Unit and Single Patient Use Pads are an efficient way to administer therapy in the clinic or hospital. Treatment can be applied in the recovery room and continued in the patient’s room. ThermaZone runs without the use of ice, operates
on 2 ounces of distilled water and is virtually maintenance-free. Nursing staffs love the convenience. No wet dripping ice that dampens dressings or bedding, and no ice buckets to frequently reload.

Critical Care Marketing is your partner in finding the right medical equipment and supplies such as:

  • USA Made PPE
  • USA Made Nitric Gloves
  • Heat & Cooling Therapy
  • IV Site Protection
  • Pain Treatment Kits
  • Custom Procedure Packs
  • Powered & Non-Powered WOW’s
  • Performance Casting® Fiberglass Cast Tape

Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

At Critical Care Marketing, we’ve been in the industry for over 4 decades. With these years of experience, we have earned a solid reputation built on integrity and our commitment to our clients.

A reliable and proven resource organization

With so many options available for medical supplies and equipment, it just makes sense to rely on Critical Care Marketing. Our company is dedicated to bringing a personal touch and partner to assist you in your medical equipment and medical supply needs. We are dedicated to making your life simpler in both the simple daily tasks and the more complex ones. You can count on us!

Contact us by dialing (859) 331-2020. We are pleased to provide assistance in troubleshooting any medical supply issues you may be experiencing and to address any inquiries you may have.

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