Physicians Offices

Physicians Offices

3-d printed casts & splints

Activ Armor

Activ Armor

Much like the days of rotary phones and floppy disks, the plaster and fiberglass casts for immobilizing injured or broken limbs may soon be over. With the introduction of 3D-printed, durable plastic casts by ActivArmor, many of the inconveniences of traditional casts could become history.

Total Room & Surface Disinfection



Halosil raises the standard for whole room disinfection in long-term care with its Halo Disinfection System. The system is proven to achieve a 6-log kill rate, delivering the highest possible effectiveness on the market today.

Mark one medical

Mark One Medical developed SwovoTM Medical and Commercial Disinfecting Wipes in response to the lack of product availability due to COVID-19. The pandemic has taught them a great deal about the significant gaps in essential products for the healthcare industry.

Wound Care

Anasept Gel And Cleanse

antimicrobial gel

Anasept Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Gel is a clear topical gel that effectively kills harmful pathogenic micro-organisms, including resistant strains MRSA and VRE.

Custom Kits / Packs / Surgical Drapes


Patients and doctors define success in many ways, but all with one outcome … A Better Tomorrow. At Invenio, their quest for discovering better solutions to help facilitate that outcome is a never-ending journey.

Austin Medical

Austin Medical only uses the best materials and products when it comes to their Radiology Procedure kits. Learn more about their various kits and how they can help your organization.

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